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Tri-County Threshermen
"Young At Heart People Preserving Central Wisconsin's Agricultural Machinery"
This Threshing Company (circa 1900) is moving on to
it's next job.  It was well known that the old steam
tractor worked well at running the machine, but in the
sandy soil of the Waushara area it couldn't pull the
threshing machine from farm to farm.  It is shown here
pulling a water wagon (probably not full) and horses
pulled the machine.  
These Threshing Companies were either owned by
individuals or a group of neighbors would get together
and form a type of cooperative, sharing the threshing
machine, tractor and the related equipment.
This is the ribbon cutting ceremony
when the Tri County Threshermen
joined the Waushara County Chamber
of Commerce

A tractor pull is scheduled for
Saturday, June 11th at 4:00PM on
the grounds.  Weigh in time is 2:00
PM.  Even if you've never pulled
before, this is a small scale pull and
a good place to start.
Pie Judging Saturday, June 11, 2016
Can you Bake???
Git ur done
and bring your best Pie
Exhibition Truck Pull to follow Tractor
It's Almost Here
The Tri County Threshermen
Tractor Show is next Friday, Saturday
and Sunday
Exhibits, Engines, Sawmills,Food
Something For Everyone
Bring the Family!!!!